Betnesol 1Mg (Betamethasone Dipropionate)


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Active IngredientBetamethasone Dipropionate
ManufacturerGlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd
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What is Betnesol 1mg?

Betnesol 1mg is a medicine that is mainly a steroid that is widely used for the treatment of allergies, inflammation, and other ongoing illness.

Along with inflammation, this medicine is also known for the treatment of different medical problems which require suppression of the immune system or reduction of inflammation.

Most doctors and Healthcare providers fully trust this medicine because it is manufactured by the leading manufacturer called GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Limited.

If an individual wants to get the most benefit out of this medicine then it is recommended that he should take this Betnesol medicine regularly up to the time suggested by the doctor.

Uses of Betnesol 1mg

Betnesol 1mg is generally prescribed by the Healthcare provider for the treatment of various allergic conditions present in one’s body.


It is advisable to take the prescribed dose age at the scheduled time of Betnesol 1mg medicine.

You should take the dose of Betnesol 1mg tablets as per the recommendation and suggestion given by the doctor and Healthcare provider.

One thing to be kept in mind is that you should tell your doctor about your problem openly so that he will be able to give the right amount of dosage that fits right for you to treat the problem from inflammation or other allergic condition.



It is highly unsafe to consume alcohol when you are under the medication of Betnesol 1mg.

Therefore it is advisable to stop consuming alcohol or other alcoholic beverages if you want to take the most benefit out of this medicine.


Betnesol 1mg medicine is quite unsafe to be used by a pregnant woman.

It is so because various animal studies have shown that this medicine provides serious side effects to the growing baby.

Although there are limited studies taking place on human that shows the harmful effects of this medicine to the baby.

Therefore you should consult your doctor if you want to take this medicine as he is an expert so he will be able to give the right suggestion.


A breastfeeding mother should be very cautious before starting her medication with Betnesol 1mg.

Although there are no studies present that show that this medicine provide a negative effect on the baby, but still it is suggested to consult your doctor before starting your medication with this medicine.


After consuming Betnesol 1mg you may not feel Drowsy or sleepy and this medicine does not affect your driving ability you can drive safely after the consumption of Betnesol 1mg.

Benefits of Betnesol 1mg

Betnesol 1mg is the one-stop solution for the treatment of different allergic conditions present in the human body.

This medicine is widely used for the treatment of various allergic conditions and inflammations like psoriasis, Arthritis, lupus, and many more.

It starts working by lowering the response of your immune system that causes this inflammation and helps in preventing the release of a certain substance that causes inflammation in your body.

Side Effects of Betnesol 1mg

Most healthcare providers and doctors suggest that there is no need to provide medical attention to an individual if he is suffering from mild symptoms of Side Effects after consuming Betnesol 1mg.

This is so because your body needs time to get adjusted to certain medicine and once It’s get adjusted the symptoms of Side Effects starts disappearing over time.

Although it has been suggested that if you are much concerned or worried about certain Side Effects then in such a situation you can consult with a doctor.

Some of the common side effects seen after consuming Betnesol 1 mg medicine include upset stomach, reduction in bone density, and many more.

Frequently asked questions

What if you take too much Betnesol 1mg?

It is always advisable that a patient should take only the desired dose of any medicine as prescribed by his or her doctor.

It is so because the doctor is an individual who holds several years of experience and he will suggest the right doses of taking any medicine and you should obey his orders.

In case you find out that you have taken an overdose on this product and then in such a situation you should Rush to the hospital to treat yourself against various side effects.

What if you forget to take Betnesol 1mg?

If you have discovered that you forget to take this medicine at the scheduled time then in such a situation you should take this medicine when you have discovered the missed dose of taking Betnesol 1 mg.

How does Betnesol 1mg works?

Betnesol 1 mg is a kind of steroid that starts working by blocking the production of certain substances that cause inflammation or other allergic disorder in the human body.

This medicine works its best to provide relief against various allergic conditions and inflammation in your body and helps you to have better results after the consumption of Betnesol 1mg.

How to take Betnesol 1mg?

This medicine is only intended for oral consumption.

You can take Betnesol 1mg medicine with or without food but one thing to be kept in mind is that you should take this medicine at the scheduled time suggested by your doctor or Health Care provider.

You should complete the dosage if you want to take long-term benefits from this medicine and it is advisable to not stop taking it once you feel better without the consultation of a doctor.

What are the common drug interactions?

Before starting your medication with this medicine it is advisable that you should tell your doctor about your allergic condition and if you are having any history of liver or Kidney Disease.

Along with that, it is also very important that you should tell your doctor about all your ongoing medicine and other supplements you are taking currently.

This helps him to prescribe the right strength and dosage of Betnesol 1mg.

Some of the common drug interactions include Aspirin, Acarbose, Amphotericin B, amlodipine, and many more

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