Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy allows the customer to cancel their package provided they meet certain conditions. We encourage the customer to read our cancellation policies to ensure they know about the rules of cancellation.

Although we will never ask you to cancel orders from us as we do have a quite good company reputation in bringing customer satisfaction but the same may not hold for you.

Also sometimes there are external factors that leave the customer no other option than to cancel the order.

How to cancel orders on our portal?

The cancellation policy on our portal is simple and you can easily cancel your package online. If you cannot then you can also call on our helpline number and cancel the order. Remember that in both cases you will have to give a cancellation reason.

Once you cancel the order and provided that it meets all the terms and conditions of our cancellation policy you will receive a cancellation invoice from us.

How do we refund our cancellation orders and requests?

First, upon receiving any cancellation order, we track whether they are meeting our cancellation policy norms. Then we check out the order volume and call our delivery and logistic team to proceed further with the shipment.

Then as far as the refunding process is considered we do not pay any refunds by cash or drafts. We only pay you back online directly to your account. Thus the customers will have to send their bank account numbers and all other information for us to make the payment.

We do not stand liable under any circumstance if the bank account information is wrong or invalid.

Also, you will have to wait for a minimum period of 7 working days from the day you placing the online cancellation order on our portal till the time we process the order.

Moreover, we are also not liable if the money is not credited back to your account within 7 working days. Please make sure to visit and talk with your bank rather than calling us.

What is not refunded back?

In no circumstances do we refund you the taxes and the customs duty or any other charges that are levied by the government as a part of taxation rules in your country or state. Please note that you cannot also hold us liable for this.

In which cases does the cancellation policy work?

So, once you have gone through the above information which is important let’s look at the conditions or scenarios where you can cancel your orders and what are the conditions for meeting our guidelines.

Cancellation due to product out of stock

This is when your order will be canceled automatically from our end. This is one of the few cases where we will cancel your order if the medicines that you have ordered are not within our current stock.

On our portal, we will try and respect your order by providing any partial orders if that is within our capabilities and if the medicine is partially available in our stock.

Cancellation of order due to non-receipt of payment

There are times when we have to cancel the order automatically if you don’t pay us after placing your order. See, you will be receiving a temporary mail when you finalize your order. After this e will send you an email with your total bill or invoice which is the final confirmation bill after accepting all your orders.

It is expected that the customer will visit the online portal and then pay the rewired amount using the various online modes.

But if this is not done then we will cancel your order after 24 hours automatically.

Cancellation due to delay in order delivery

At times the customer may feel that the time taken for delivery is too long and is not satisfied with our courier and logistics service delivery time management.

Remember, that you can place your cancellation order with us any time during the transit. But there are times when we may not refund you in full and deduct any charges such as customs duty if your package had already reached the customs center in your country.

Cancellation due to wrong product delivery

Of course, we are liable if you have received a wrong brand or incorrect dose of medicines apart from the one you ordered.

Remember that after you have received the delivery of your package and found that a wrong product or dose has been delivered you have a maximum time of 7 days in which to reach us and place a cancellation and refund request. Any request received after 7 days will not be entertained.

Cancellation due to tampered product

If the product is tampered with in any way you can call us and inform the same and place a cancellation and refund request provide the same is done within 7 days again.
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