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Active IngredientVardenafil
ManufacturerAlpha For Export Only
Packaging1 X 10 tablets
Strength60 Mg
Delivery Time6 To 15 days
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What is Alvitra 60 Mg?

Alvitra 60 Mg is the medicine men need to get a good erection. This is a disorder called Erectile Dysfunction.

This disorder is the reason couples even file for divorce. So, if a medicine cures such a big problem, it is no less than a miracle for men.

This is a prescription medicine belonging to the PDE5-inhibiting group of medicines.


Alpha Pharmaceuticals are the maker of Alvitra 60 Mg. It is situated in Faridabad in the Indian state of Haryana.

It is a reputed manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of medicines in bulk. Some of the products in its portfolio are anti-cancer drugs, erectile dysfunction drugs, eye drops,


Vardenafil is the main item in the overall composition of Alvitra 60 Mg. Almost the total composition is composed of Vardenafil besides certain preservatives and catalysts.

You should not go for Alvitra 60 Mg in case you are not allowed to take Alvitra 60 Mg.

Working of Alvitra 60 Mg

To make Alvitra 60 Mg erect a penis for a longer period of time several changes occur inside the body.

Vardenafil on getting activated reduces blood pressure, smoothens the area around the erectile region, and relaxes pelvic muscles. These changes bring a huge amount of blood to the penis, causing a quick erection.

The erection is then made to stay with the restriction of PDE5.

How To Take Alvitra 60 Mg tablet?

  • The tablets must be swallowed normally with water.
  • It is strictly prohibited to chew, break or disintegrate the tablets.
  • Follow every instruction minutely in the prescription.

Dosage Of Alvitra 60 Mg

  • It is mentioned in the prescription. Any doubt or clarification must be dealt with by the doctor only. Do not take decisions regarding dosage on your own.


An overdose of Avlitra 60 Mg can cause serious side effects. Hence, it is better to take that much only as mentioned in the prescription.

Miss Dose

  • The first thing to make sure, of is to avoid double doses. Because patients after missing the dose try to make up for it in the next dose.
  • But if the next dose is not much far, you can complete the missed dose.

Precaution Taking Before Alvitra 60 Mg

  • A simple precaution is to tell the doctor about your own medical information. This can include sleep timing, the food you like, mental health, relationships etc.
  • You should also inform the doctor about any other medicine which you are taking besides Alvitra 60 Mg.


  • It can be really dangerous to take the medicine with alcoholic beverages. Though many people fantasize about it, it is very dangerous.

Benefits of Using Alvitra 60 Mg

The hard erection obtained after swallowing the medicine is the real benefit of the medicine.

To get the best results accurate following of the prescription is required.

Avoid To Take Alvitra 60 Mg

  • Try to avoid the pill if you are taking other erecting pills already. This could lead to overdose and hence, side effects.
  • You should avoid Alvitra 60 Mg if you are allergic to Vardenafil, which is the main ingredient.

Side Effects of Alvitra 60 Mg

  • Constipation
  • Hypertension
  • Itchiness
  • Redness of the skin
  • Rashes
  • Swelling

Storage of Alvitra 60 Mg

  • Choose a place with a temperature between 25 to 45 degrees Celsius.
  • The humidity levels also must be moderate. Very high humid conditions could make it damp.

Alvitra 60 Mg Review

Choose a website where you could view original reviews of Alvitra 60 Mg such as Powpills. It is a very trusted medical portal that offers a variety of medicines delivered to your address on- time always.

Visit to know more.


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