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What is Silagra 100 Mg?

It is a drug that helps a man to fulfill the intimate desires and fantasies of his partner. Due to some reason’s men lose their ability to make love. This drug helps in the revival of the masculine power needed for an enjoyable sexual life.

ED may be a sexual disorder but it has several mental and behavioral effects. Usually, a patient with Erectile Dysfunction lacks self-confidence and courage while interacting with strangers. Eventually, this process goes on and the person becomes a victim of depression and anxiety.

Silagra 100 Mg successfully eliminates ED from such people’s lives and helps them regain the lost confidence.

–           Silagra 100 Mg Manufacturer

To fulfill such great demand for the drug across the globe you need a trusted manufacturer. In this case, Cipla is the one that produces and distributes it across the globe.

How does Silagra 100 Mg work?

  • To understand we must first know what leads a person to get contracted with Erectile Dysfunction.
  • In normal situations when someone gets sexually attracted the penis receives a huge flow of blood into it. This gushing of blood makes it erect.
  • Now as long as the blood is in the blood vessels of the penis, it is erect. As soon as blood leaves the penis it comes back to its normal position.
  • During ED due to some reasons, the blood is unable to reach the penis during stimulation. Hence, the person gets stimulated but his penis remains as it is.
  • Silagra 100 Mg when taken works to make the blood circulation across the body more effective so that no part of the body is deprived of blood.
  • This causes the penis to again receive more blood during stimulation as in normal circumstances.
  • Now to retain that blood in the penis, the PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5)is restricted to perform at its full potential.
  • This makes the penis erect for 5 to 6 hours which is more than enough to take the tour partner to orgasm.

What are the dosage instructions for Silagra 100 Mg?

–          Missed Dose:

If a patient somehow misses the dose on a particular day no need to panic. Skip that day’s dose and take the next on the prescribed day.

Do not compensate by taking a greater number of pills the next day. This will make you overdose on the drug which will invite some serious side effects.

–          Overdosage:

Due to any reasons if you have overdosed on the drug get ready to face the consequences. Some of the common results of overdose are fainting, low blood pressure, lack of sensation, blurred vision, lethargy, and fatigue.

Silagra 100 Mg Indications

  • Before one starts taking Silagra 100 Mg make sure that you have a basic knowledge about the drug and its role in treating ED.
  • If you face any side effects, even a slight one report to the doctor immediately. These are indications that your body may not be supportive of the drug.
  • Your body and immune system may be not habituated to Silagra 100 Mg but some other counter ED pills.
  • Consult the doctor if you face any allergy while consuming the drug. Terminate Silagra 100 Mg and use other brand pills.

Other Dose

Silagra 50mg


–          Antibiotics

Sildenafil Citrate with Antibiotics is a deadly combination in the real sense for the body. In some cases, the antibiotic lowers the rate of reaction while in some cases it boosts the reactivity of the reaction.

If the reactivity increases exceedingly, it can result in low blood pressure, tightening of the blood vessels of the penis. The person suffers from a prolonged erection and a painful one.

Similarly, when the rate of reaction lowers significantly there is no point in using the drug. You need a minimum amount of the main ingredient to function.

–          Antifungal

These drugs are known to cause swelling of the skin, inflammation of the skin, protruding pores, and pimples around the body.

–          Nitrates

Reacting with Nitrates Sildenafil Citrate is the most lethal. It directly affects the cardiac tissues, even leading to heart failure.

–          Alpha-Blockers and Antihypertensive medicines

Alpha-blockers are the category of drugs that are used for the treatment of high blood pressure. So, their main task is to bring back the high blood pressure to normal levels by bringing it down.

Whereas, Sildenafil Citrate also lowers the blood pressure by easing the pelvic muscles. Using both of them together will bring the blood pressure to extremely low points. The person may faint immediately or even suffer a heat stroke.

–          Riociguat (Adempas)

These are the category of drugs that are prescribed under the treatment of Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH).

It is a situation where the arteries transporting blood to and from the heart face hypertension. The blood flows through them at a much higher rate due to reasons such as obesity where the fat blocks the mouth of the arteries.

Riociguat along with Sildenafil Citrate will also bring down the blood pressure to extremely low numbers.

–          Protease Inhibitors (PI)

These are the HIV curing pills that reduced the rate of blood flow in your body. Low blood pressure is one of the situations which patients consuming both Sildenafil Citrate and PI have to face.

–          ED Drugs

  • The main objective of an ED pill is to increase the blood circulation in the body which it does relaxing certain muscles. This lowers down the blood pressure in the body.
  • If two ED drugs are taken together both of them would decrease the blood pressure to very extreme situations.

How to take Silagra 100 Mg?

  • Take 1 glass of normal water at room temperature and swallow 1 pill of Silagra 100 Mg with it.
  • Do not chew or bite the pills while swallowing the drug.
  • The liquid taken should only be normal water and nothing else. Consuming the drug with alcoholic or fruit juices will initiate vigorous reactions.
  • Take the dosage as per the instructions in the prescription.

Silagra 100 Mg Side Effects

  • Painful Erection
  • Painful Urination
  • Itching in the pubic areas
  • Decreased thinking capability
  • Dizziness
  • Flushing of skin
  • Redness
  • Irritation in the genitals
  • Swollen skin
  • Ulcers
  • Bowel Complications
  • High blood pressure
  • Anxiety attack
  • Hypertension

Precautions and warnings for Silagra 100 Mg

  • If you are allergic to the main ingredient of the drug, change the drug. In this case, if someone is allergic to Sildenafil Citrate it is advisable to go for other counter ED pills.
  • Keep the drug away from the reach of children and animals.
  • Do not eat the drug if you are not an ED patient. Otherwise, you may become an ED patient after using it.

Drug Interaction with Silagra 100 Mg

  • Tocopherol
  • Calciferol
  • Cabergoline
  • Vardenafil
  • Tadalafil
  • Ascorbic acid
  • Fluoxetine

Silagra 100 Mg Storage

  • Store the drug in a clean, dry, and darkroom for storing for longer periods.
  • High humidity makes the drug damp which makes it less efficient in treating ED.
  • The drug should not come in contact with direct and strong sunlight. Sunlight being a catalyst itself can react with the drug.
  • The ideal temperature for storing the drug is 15oC to 40oC.

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