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Active IngredientSildenafil Citrate
ManufacturerAlpha Pharmaceuticals
Packaging10 Tablets in a strip
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Overview of Mahagra 100mg

Most older men complain about erection issues in the present times. Not being able to achieve and maintain an erection at the time of sex is known as Erectile Dysfunction or impotence. Along with older men, even younger men suffer from erection problems in the present times.

Treating erectile dysfunction is necessary for men to enjoy better sex life.

If you are noticing signs of erectile dysfunction, do not hesitate to visit your medical practitioner. Your doctor will check your health and will prescribe you Mahagra 100 mg which is one of the most potent erectile dysfunction drugs. Taking Mahagra 100 Mg once a day can help increase the blood flow in the genital area of men giving a firm erection in return.

What Is Mahagra 100mg

Mahagra 100 mg is an erectile dysfunction pill that provides hardness in the penis at the time of sex. This erectile Dysfunction medicine works in men who suffer from erectile dysfunction problems for a long time. If you have an erectile dysfunction disorder, your doctor will suggest you take Mahagra 100 mg. When you take this erectile Dysfunction medicine at a fixed time and regularly, you will be able to keep and achieve an erection.


Alpha Pharmaceuticals is the manufacturer.


The primary composition of Mahagra 100 mg is Sildenafil Citrate which treats erection issues in men of all age groups.

Working of Mahagra 100mg

Mahagra 100 mg works by activating Sildenafil which is a generic ingredient. When Sildenafil activates, it blocks the supply and secretion of the PDE5 hormones. The blood vessels of the penis widen and get sufficient blood flow which helps men get a firm erection. You need to have sexual stimulation while taking this erectile dysfunction pill.

How To Take Mahagra 100mg Tablet?

Swallow an entire pill of Mahagra 100 mg with water. Make sure to take the erectile Dysfunction medicine at a fixed time. Crushing or breaking the pill of Mahagra 100 mg can decrease the effectiveness of the pills. You can ingest the pill on an empty stomach or after eating your food.

Dosage Of Mahagra 100mg

There are various dosages of Magagra 100 mg available in pharmacies. Your healthcare provider will prescribe you Mahagra 100 mg only after diagnosing your health.

You should not take more than one tablet of Mahagra 100 mg which can make you experience side effects. You should also keep in mind not to skip a pill of Mahagra 100 mg which can reduce the efficacy of the pills.

Benefits of Using Mahagra 100mg

The primary benefit of using Mahagra 100 mg is to help erectile dysfunction patients treat impotence. Taking Mahagra 100 mg once a day can help you get and maintain the erection needed for sexual intercourse. This erectile Dysfunction medicine can be obtained in online and offline pharmacies.

Avoid To Take Mahagra 100mg

You should not take Mahagra 100 mg without your doctor’s prescription. If you are suffering from health issues, notify your doctor at once. This erectile Dysfunction medicine is not recommended for females and teenagers.

Side Effects of Mahagra 100mg

Some common side effects of Mahagra 100 mg are nausea, dizziness, headache, stomach upset, itching, vomiting, fever, and tremors. Other side effects you may experience are irregular heartbeats, blurred vision, chest pain, and breathing difficulty.

Precaution Taking Before Mahagra 100mg

If you are taking Mahagra 100 mg, you should avoid consuming grapefruit juice, alcohol, and narcotic drugs which can trigger serious side effects. Do not drive on a busy street after taking Mahagra 100 mg which can give you dizzy spells.


If you suffer from heart disease, liver disease, or kidney disease, you must inform your medical practitioner. If you are allergic to Sildenafil, you should not use Mahagra.

Storage of Mahagra 100mg

Store Mahagra 100 mg at a suitable room temperature. You should keep Mahagra 100 mg away from your pets and children. Make sure to store Mahagra 100 mg away from sunlight exposure.


Taking Mahagra 100 mg can give you relief from erection issues. Sildenafil is an active salt that increases blood circulation throughout the penile region, giving penile erection instantly.


120 tablets, 150 tablets, 300 tablets, 90 tablets


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