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Active IngredientLevosalbutamol
ManufacturerCipla Limited
Packaging200 MDI in 1 Inhaler
Strength50 Mcg
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What Is Levolin Inhaler

–          About Levolin Inhaler

Levolin Inhaler , Are you an Asthma patient? If yes, then you are at the best place that can change your life Ever. Here we shall discuss the solution that will prevent asthma from causing difficulty in daily life. Asthma patients complain that the symptoms occur every now and then which makes it difficult to concentrate on their work.

As we all know that Asthma cannot be cured completely but it cannot be left free to disturb us anytime. There must be ways by which we can assure that symptoms of asthma occur less frequently. And whenever the attack comes, we must be ready with the measures to ensure that it is not a terrible one.

One of such ways is to use Levolin Inhaler under the supervision of the doctor. These inhalers make sure that the airways get relaxed as soon as possible during the asthma attack. Thus, providing free airways to help you breathe freely.

–          Manufacturer of Levolin Inhaler

Levolin Inhaler is a widely used product by almost every Asthma patient. Therefore, no single company has a patent over inhalers. In the market, you could get Levolin Inhalers of hundreds of brands. Almost all top manufacturers like Cipla, Lupin, Ajanta Pharma, and others have their Levolin Inhalers. Choose the one which is mentioned in the prescription.

–          Strength and Dosage of Levolin Inhaler

Levolin Inhalers contain a chemical named, Levosalbutamol which is its main ingredient. When a puff of inhaler is taken the chemical Get Apply to the affected area. Thus, it is no less than the tablet you take because both have chemicals in them. The difference is the state of matter, one is solid while the other is in liquid form. Hence, the strengths of the dosage of the inhaler are prescribed in the prescription. Levolin Inhaler is available in various strengths like 50 Mcg, 100 Mcg, and 150 Mcg. Not every patient requires an inhaler of 100 Mg strength.

Doctors prescribe suitable strengths and dosage after analyzing various health factors with his expertise.

–          Levolin Inhaler Availability

Availability of the drug shows its demand in the public. Asthma is already leading the charts with new cases coming every day due to increased air pollution. Thus, the need for Levolin Inhalers rises proportionally. This boosts up the availability of the inhaler in the medical Store and online website.

Use of Levolin Inhaler having salt Levosalbutamol

  • Levolin Inhaler is used for tackling asthma attacks from getting worse. It is a must-needed product for any asthma patient. Regular use of the inhaler under the supervision of a doctor can normalize asthma attacks by reducing the extent of the damage.

How to take Levolin Inhaler

  • Levolin Inhaler is like any other inhaler therefore the process of use is identical. Just open the cap and take the number of puffs given in the prescription.
  • If you suffering from a nasal infection or internal injury inside the nose, tell the doctor about it.

How does Levolin Inhaler work?

Levolin Inhaler helps in reducing the damage caused by the heart attack. During an asthma attack, the airway gets narrow making it difficult for you to breathe. The air is not able to pass in and out of the airways. Therefore, in such conditions, while breathing a whistling sound is produced. Along with the narrowing of airways, they also may get swollen and inflamed causing a burning sensation. When puffs of Levolin inhaler are applied, the tissues of the airways relax, easing the contractions. Now, air easily passes in and out allowing normal breathing.


The dosage of a drug is a determining parameter and can tell a lot about the patient and the disorder. Almost all asthma patients use inhalers, but the dosages are different (can also be the same). Some are asked to take puffs three times a day, while some are told to take them two times a day. Different dosages tell us our immune system and how much we need the chemical for recovery. All such factors are taken into consideration by the doctor before assigning accurate dosage.

How long Levolin Inhaler shall be continued

The Levolin inhaler may be consumed as per the prescription. The number of days for which you must use Levolin Inhaler is given in the prescription. Any conflict or request must be addressed to the doctor.

Missed a dose of Levolin Inhaler

In this fast-paced world missing the dose is a common event. People are too busy to consume the thing that is actually beneficial for them. If you miss a dose of Levolin Inhaler do not panic because nothing unfortunate has occurred. Skip the dose for that day and start taking it from the next day. Make sure you do not take double doses the next day. Many patients take double doses as compensation for the missed day.

Levolin Inhaler Contradiction

With Atonext

Blood pressure problems.

With Attera

Can fluctuate the heartbeat to a great extent.

When not to take Levolin Inhaler

  • When the doctor has not asked you to take it. Remember inhalers are also prescription-based.
  • When you are suffering from infections in the nasal area. The use of the chemical on top of it can worsen the situation.
  • When you are allergic to Levosalbutamol, the main ingredient of Medicine. Use a different inhaler in such a case.

Side effects


Itching is one of the common side effects. It should not be taken seriously. The side effect lasts for only a few days at most.


Vomiting has been found as an aftermath of taking Levolin Inhaler.

Overdose Effects of Levolin Inhaler

Taking extra puffs than mentioned in the prescription is an overdose. Not only for Levolin Inhaler but any drug if overdose results in negative outcomes. Overdose of Levolin Inhaler causes excess widening of airways that starts causing pain.

Precaution & Warning

  • While purchasing the inhaler make sure the seller is an authorized one. Be extra vigilant and alert while shopping from online stores. They show the product to be original but when it is received, it turns out fake.
  • Asthma is a terminating disorder, which means it will stay with you till lifetime. Therefore, Levolin Inhaler should accompany you all the time.
  • Alert the doctor about any previous cardiac disorder or breathing complications.

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