Imiquad Sachet (Imiquimod)


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Active IngredientImiquimod
ManufacturerGlenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Packaging0.25 gm in 1 sachet
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Imiquad Sachet

Imiquad Sachet cream works well for the treatment of multiple skin conditions. In fact, it has been the best remedy for genital warts. When used in moderation and under the doctor’s guidance, the results would be fast. Remember to avoid overusing the medicine, as side effects can be quite severe.

What is Imiquad Sachet?

Imiquad Sachet cream works fast and effectively to treat scaly and rough patches resulting from excessive exposure to the sun or certain skin cancer. Besides, it can also help treat genital warts. Medicine has been the best to help the person get faster results. It can easily be found in the sachet form, making it suitable for usage.

It has been a prescribed medicine suitable for treating skin concerns. However, you must get medical support, as there can be certain side reactions. Besides seeking medical help, there are also other precautions, like keeping the area dry and washing the hands before or after treating the infection are important for better results.

You can look for Imiquad Sachet online and find the information which will be helpful for you to make an easy purchase.

Uses of Imiquad Sachet

Imiquad Sachet cream is one of the most effective FDA-approved medicines that have been working well to treat various concerns, including.

  • Actinic keratosis
  • Genital warts
  • Basal cell cancer

However, it is important that you take medicine only as per the guidance of the doctor for better outcomes.

Benefits of Imiquad Sachet

Genital warts can give an unsightly appearance and can also result in various other complications. The use of Imiquad Sachet cream will be helpful for you to control, treat and prevent the situation. It will work well by removing warts and ensuring the injury has healed better. Within a short time, you will see new healthy skin layers forming over the affected place.

Besides this, Imiquad Sachet is also helpful for stopping the growth of cancer cells and avoiding the multiplication of the same. It will also improve the skin texture of the affected area.

The cream helps stimulate the immune system, which works well for fighting the virus and destroying any cancer cells in the affected area. The treatment of precancerous lesions or skin cancer will be easy with the medicine.

Make sure that you contact your doctor before you choose to buy Imiquad Sachet online to ensure better outcomes.

How does Imiquad Sachet work?

Imiquad Sachet cream works well in case of genital warts and other skin cancer concerns. It will help trigger the immune system to boost the production of the natural substances, which will help find the virus causing the concern.

There is no research yet that can show exactly how it works in the case of basal cell cancer or actinic keratosis.

This is why contacting a doctor right in advance will be helpful. Besides, you can even check the Imiquad Sachet review online to properly understand the effectiveness of the medicine.

Buy Imiquad Sachet in US and UK

Imiquad Sachet cream is an approved drug that can easily be bought at any local or online store. You can look for Imiquad Sachet for sale to find the right platforms for placing the order. But remember, you might be asked to provide a healthcare provider prescription as the medicine is used for the treatment of cancer. Make sure that you have got a prescription for an easy purchase.

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The dosage of the medicine will depend entirely on your specific case. When you consult the doctor, they will analyze the situation, your medical history, and other aspects to provide you with a proper idea about the use of the same.

When treating actinic keratosis using the medicine then, it has to be applied twice a week for 16-week periods. While treating warts the right way, you will have to use the medication three times a week for 16 weeks. Finally, in the case of cell carcinoma here, you will have to apply for the medicine five times a week for six continuous weeks. Make sure that you use the medication regularly to get benefits from it.

You can buy Imiquad Sachet at a local store or on the online platform easily. So make sure you get the stock ready to ensure you are using the medicine as per the doctor’s advice and resolving the concern quickly.


Imiquad Sachet in the USA is an FDA-approved drug, but it is important to know the precautions before you start using use. This will ensure you avoid any severe complications and get the best benefits of the medicine.

  • Imiquad Sachet cream is known to be unsafe during pregnancy. So, it will be better to consult your doctor about the same.
  • You must avoid the use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients or components of the medicine.
  • You must inform the doctor about any unhealed or surgery on the skin area that requires treatment.
  • You must also consult the doctor about any complications of bone marrow, immune system problems, autoimmune diseases, etc., before using the medicine.
  • The medicine can increase sensitivity to the sun. So, it will be helpful that you avoid any sun exposure.
  • To reduce the spread of HPV to others, make sure that you are taking proper protection during sexual activity.
  • Make sure you avoid any sexual contact while you are using the cream on the skin.
  • It is important to consider the precautions and the warning carefully so that you can keep yourself safe while using the medicine for the treatment concern.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What to do if you forget to apply the cream?

If you have missed a dose of Imiquad Sachet cream, apply it as soon as possible. But if it is time for your next application, then you need to skip it and move on with your regular medicine use.

What happens if you use the Imiquad Sachet regularly?

It is a topical cream that must be used only on the skin. In case of excessive use or for too long, you will increase your risk of sereactionsin reaction.

Do you need to wash off the cream?

It is important that you leave Imiquad Sachet cream applied on your skin for several hours and then clean it off. Make sure that you follow the directions right. Also, using the cream excessively or not following the directions can result in unwanted skin reactions. Make sure that you consult your doctor in case of any queries.

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