Flonida Cream 1% (Fluorouracil)


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Active IngredientFluorouracil
ManufacturerMenarini India Pvt Ltd
Packaging10 gm in 1 tube
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Flonida Cream 1% :

Flonida Cream 1% is one of the best-known medicines that come with several classes of medications known as anti-cancer compounds. However, it is an effective skin remedial option that cures various actinic or solar keratosis and skin cancers. However, it is useful in eliminating a wide range of skin diseases that develop from a long time of sex exposure.

Having Flonida Cream 1% Online, the ointment can help to clear most skin problems at a time. However, this is an incredible skin cream that can provide the best skin treatment for skin cancer, actinic keratosis, and other skin conditions easily.

What is Flonida Cream 1%?

Choosing Flonida Cream 1% can eliminate several skin conditions as well as it has a great ability to fight against various skin ailments. This cream is extremely effective in providing the best result of soft and smooth skin always.

However, this skincare cream is one of the perfect solutions for people who are suffering from skin cancer. As an anti-cancer agent, the medicine Flonida Cream 1% can eradicate severe skin conditions like keratosis or growth of skin, skin cancers, keratoacanthoma, or a condition like firm nodules on the skin.

In addition, this amazing skincare cream is the best skin solution which is an ideal way to cure external basal cell carcinoma. Using this cream is the best way to make your skin very smooth by eliminating scaly patches on the skin.

It consists of an active component called Fluorouracil as it is one of the most effective options to make your skin free from all kinds of patches and spots immediately.

Menarini India Pvt Ltd is one of the top pharma companies that manufacture creams with advanced techniques and innovative methods.

Uses of Flonida Cream 1%

With the best use of Flonida Cream people have a great chance to get rid of skin problems immediately. However, this skincare medication can alleviate your severe skin problems. It also belongs to a group of anti-cancer drugs that also cure skin cancers.

People are suffering from several skin disorders like keratosis or expansion of skin, keratoacanthoma, and other skin conditions that lead to the growth of intense sun exposure, even though, those can be eliminated easily and quickly.

Get completely stained and diseases free skin always. Your skin will be smoother a lot as it reduces patches on the skin.

Applying this effective skincare cream every day can ease your skin inflammations plus, allow you to get rid of all skin conditions in the fastest possible ways. You have the best option to get rid of almost all kinds of skin conditions like skin cancer, and scaly patches.

Benefits of Flonida Cream 1%

Get completely smooth skin only with the help of using Flonida Cream 1%. As this skin care cream is one of the finest options to cure your entire skin problems immediately. Apply the skincare product which effectively works on your skin and kills dead cells on the skin.

However, it is an approved skincare cream that delivers positive results in treating your entire skin diseases such as scaly or flaky skin and the growth of skin cancers.

When you start using this cream day-by-day so, that will improve your skin condition and provides a first-rate skin treatment solution.

Adding this Flonida Cream 1% USA to your regular skin regime can provide the most effective skincare solution at all times.

How does Flonida Cream 1% work?

Flonida Cream incorporates one of the potent formulas like Fluorouracil and it acts by killing cancerous and pre-cancerous cells at the same time as it has some small effect on the typical cells.

On the other hand, this skincare cream functions by hindering the expansion of genetic material (DNA and RNA) of the cancer cells. Finally, it reduces the multiplication of cancer cells and ultimately destroys them.

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The dosage of Flonida Cream 1% should be used very carefully on a daily basis. People who are using this skin care cream must use it according to a prescription.

First of all, clean and wash your hands properly and then take this cream and apply it all over the affected part of the skin. Leave it for a day and then wash the skin part where you have used that particular skincare cream

Do this per day to improve your skin condition. Keep in mind always that wash your hand properly before and after using Flonida Cream 1%.

Side Effects

  • Itching
  • Burning sensation
  • Irritation
  • Redness
  • Swelling of small blood vessels
  • Darkening or scarring of the skin


  • Do not use other products on the skin with the Flonida Cream.
  • If you have been already facing other skincare problems then avoid this anti-cancer skin product.
  • Use this skincare cream only after getting a recommendation from healthcare experts.
  • Keep noticing the effects of this skincare cream on your skin always and if you see any side effects then inform your doctors immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can children use Flonida Cream 1%?

Flonida Cream is generally not prescribed for children and adolescents and to know more about its uses for children consult a doctor.

Can I stop Flonida Cream 1% on my own?

No, first of all, complete a full course of Flonida Cream, and do not stop using it unless your doctors say.

How long Flonida Cream can give an effective result?

After continued use of Flonida Cream for a week people can get effective results.

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